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Engineering Services

Gamitex Nigeria Limited brings global engineering experience to local project requirements, we deliver onshore and offshore engineering services to the oil and gas industry. We help clients develop new energy assets through customised engineering solutions. As a multi-discipline company, we combine quality and technical excellence with agility, providing the full range of pipeline and facility services over the full lifecycle of a project.

We offer detailed engineering and project management services either individually or integrated within a larger contract. Our areas of expertise include conceptual and feasibility studies, basic and front end engineering, detailed design, operability and risk assessment as well as project management services and engineering support. In addition to development projects, our technical skillset enables safe and cost-effective project execution.

Early in the engineering design phase of new projects, we work hand in hand with asset owners to integrate their operational input in the design.

Operations & Maintenance

Gamitex Nigeria Limited delivers fit-for-purpose operations and maintenance solutions. We customise our support in line with your operating philosophies and strategize to provide value adding outcomes. Our work has increased production, optimised efficiency, reduced OPEX and lowered costs for our clients.

We are specialized in maintaining our clients’ production facilities so that they do what they should at minimum cost while upholding the highest safety and environment standard.

Gamitex provides operational readiness supports from the early states of project, accomplishing smooth transition from EPC to stable commercial operation through development of organizations, management systems and supply chains.

In addition, we are committed to conducting our activities in such a manner as to avoid any harmful effects on the environment.

Procurement Services

Gamitex Nigeria Limited provides procurement services to fit in today’s ever changing and complex business environment. Procurement is rapidly increasing due to global market conditions and the need for businesses to maintain and reduce costs can only be achieved by utilizing modern technology and competent procurement agencies.

Our process aims to develop a secure and responsive supply base capable of meeting current & future business needs in terms of: Quality, Delivery, Cost, Quantity, Technology, Flexibility and Service

Well Services

Well servicing comprises the many activities performed on wells, such as initial completion (opening the wellbore to its initial producing zone), re-completion into additional producing zones, stimulation (injecting fluids and materials to increase production), diagnostics and maintenance. These works are most often accomplished using well servicing rigs, although rigless operations also are common.

Gamitex Nigeria Limited has developed simple yet powerful tools and systems to improve the performance of its well servicing operations. These systems track well service jobs and break each operation down for both time and cost analysis. Trends and results are also tracked to identify areas for improvement.


Pipelines & Flowlines
Assets Integrity Management

Gamitex Nigeria Limited pipelines and flowlines asset integrity management concept consists in combining a scientific approach with practical solutions to ensure reduced risks, increased safety, Increase reliability and Improved environmental performances.

We use Risk Based Inspection (RBI) planning, which is a method for planning and inspection based on an assessment / analysis of probability and consequence of a component failure. By this systematic approach, the optimum inspection and monitoring schemes are determined and detailed inspection and monitoring plans are furnished.

Inspection planning encompasses various activities performed in order to optimise the use of inspection resources (cost effective), while at the same time ensuring the technical integrity of the asset. By targeting areas strategically based on an RBI, We acquire an inspection program that ensures a safe and reliable operation.

A large amount of the unforeseen incidents that occur are related to corrosion and erosion. Corrosion management is therefore essential in order to maintain the integrity of pipelines, increasing the level of safety as well as improving cost-efficiency.

Marine and Shipping

Our maritime and shipping competencies are built on talent and pioneering expertise in maritime technology and services, as we constantly push the boundaries for commerce, competence and cooperation. With array of services and experience within the maritime industry, we solve various tasks for our clients.

GAMITEX has a wide range of international partnerships that provides state-of-the-art technologies as well as vessels with which we can undertake services such as provision of:

  • Diving Support Vessels – D.S.V
  • Anchor Handling Vessels – A.H.V
  • Platform Supply Vessels – P.S.V (For Marine Operation Support)
  • Remote Operated Vehicles – R.O.V
  • Accommodation Vessels
  • Tugs and Barges
  • Export Terminal Tug – E.T.T (Offshore Operations Support)


Environmental Control

Taking into account the fact that about 20 million tons of oil and oil products are used in world daily, it is easy to imagine that even a small percentage of spilled oil brings grave ecological and economical consequences.

Prevention of oil spills is extremely important, and governments around the world are making efforts for protection from disastrous environmental, economical and social impacts of oil spills. Still oil spills inevitably happen in oil production, storage, transportation, refining, oil pipelines, etc. Oil spill prevention and cleanup operations necessitate a comprehensive approach.
Gamitex Nigeria Limited posses a variety of materials, equipment and tools to provide oil spill prevention and cleanup operations.

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